Our Wedding Date: July 23, 2016



We are so excited to be sharing our special day with all of you!!!


I would like to preface the following list with the statement that I know you are all adults and understand that most of my requests are redundant, but I still would like to put them out there so there is no confusion.

Just a couple things that we would like to share with everyone:

- The ceremony is a family-friendly event. Please feel free to bring small children to experience the joy of our ceremony.

- Please refrain from leaning into the center aisle of the church to take pictures of the bridal party during the processional and recessional. We are looking for our photographer to capture specific moments during our ceremony and I want to be able to see Chris's face walking up the aisle instead of a bunch of photography equipment. I would also like a picture of us leaving the church together. During the vows, processional and recessional if you would like to take pictures, please feel free to take them from the pews.

- The reception is adult-friendly with an open bar. There will be time between the ceremony and the reception, plus a cocktail hour. Small children and those persons not specifically on the invitation will not be added to the guest count. Please see to child-care ahead of time or request the name of a local baby-sitter that we trust, i.e. one of Chris's volleyball players who is responsible, so that you may enjoy your grown-up time.

- Gift registries are being set up as we speak. Please look for them in the coming days.

- Our preference for a local hotel is the DoubleTree by Hilton located at 225 Water Street, Binghamton, New York. It provides free shuttle service for guests upon request, so there is no need to call a taxi at the end of the night. They also have provided a group discount for our room block and I enjoy staying at the Hilton properties more than the others located in the area.